Gothenburg Open MCR Mahjong 2024
Gothenburg, June 2

Date:June 2nd, 2024
Venue:Studiefrämjandet Falken, Falkgatan 7, Göteborg
Application:Use application form below
Last application date:May 19
Rule set:MCR with EMA tournament regulations
Format:4 rounds of 115 minutes each (last hand finished)
Current player count:24 players from 3 countries
Player limit:24 players
Registration fee:150 SEK (approx €14)
Includes coffee/tea and snacks.
Paid upon request, about a week before the tournament.
Lunch:Several restaurants are available near the tournament venue.
You can also bring your own food and eat in the café area, cutlery and a microwave oven is available.
Referee:Emma Fahlström
EMA observer:Morten Andersen

A Riichi tournament, Aru Hi Open 2024, is held in the same venue the day before.

By trainGöteborg C
By flightGöteborg Landvetter (GOT)
By ferryGothenburg has ferry links to Kiel (DE) and Fredrikshavn (DK)
Local public transportTrams (multiple lines) and buses to Redbergsplatsen
250m walk
08:30-09:00Registration and welcome
09:00-10:55Round 1
11:15-13:10Round 2
14:30-16:25Round 3
16:45-18:40Round 4
19:00-19:15Award Ceremony

Application is now closed as all seats are taken.

To update submitted information or cancel your registration, please email
Registered players

#NameCountryEMA IDStatus
1Petter RanefallSweden09990044✓ Verified
2Niklas JohanssonSweden09990110✓ Verified
3Shi Hua ChenDenmark03000140✓ Verified
4Jesper NøhrDenmark03000176✓ Verified
5Tina ChristensenDenmark03000003✓ Verified
6Isabel Bahiano SteenholmDenmark03000149✓ Verified
7Annika RidellSweden09990045✓ Verified
8Tine WeckhuyzenBelgium02010043✓ Verified
9Ksenia TrishinaSweden09990127✓ Verified
10Sheila HansenDenmark03000156✓ Verified
11Linnea LiikamaaSweden09990062✓ Verified
12Sofia WernSweden09990120✓ Verified
13Sara LandolsiSweden09990106✓ Verified
14Morten AndersenDenmark03000051✓ Verified
15Jacob SamuelssonSweden09990128✓ Verified
16Bibbi Zhang Sweden09990112✓ Verified
17Moa HenrietSweden09990008✓ Verified
18Ingrid-Maria Erlandsson Sweden09990165✓ Verified
19Martin ErlandssonSweden09990166✓ Verified
20Johan WihlanderSweden09990167✓ Verified
21Sofia Farran-LeeSweden09990171✓ Verified
22Danne MalmbergSweden09990172 ✓ Verified
23Marina KlassonSweden09990173✓ Verified
24Viola Cui Sweden09990113✓ Verified

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